“Suspicious”, depicted using only basic 3D primitives (cube, sphere, cone, cylinder).


My entry for Animography’s Franchise animated font. 110 animators across the world were given a single letter to animate. I’m really honored to be part of that list!

A wiggly Christmas tree, part of a multiplayer shuffleboard game for Bossa’s 2013 Holiday Party.

Animation from a pitch for BMW. They wanted to build an LED screen in front of a car, so I rendered a visualization of what that could look like.

Assorted gifs made while screwing around in Cinema4D on the bus 3 hour bus ride between NYC and my parents in Maryland.

Slow Scan TV

Slow-Scan TV is a method of sending images over ham radio frequencies. The image is encoded in a series of frequency sweeps, each one being a horizontal line of pixels.

Normally an image is encoded using software, but after enough knob-twiddling on my Monotribe synthesizer, I was able to mimic the frequency of the sweeps. This allowed me to create images from scratch, using only audio. I had rudimentary control over the generated image using the synthesizer’s filter and pitch controls.

The higher the resolution, the longer it took to transmit. These images all took about 1-2 minutes to transmit. Each image was generated using a different encoding setting.

Assorted designy bits and pieces. Most of these are one-off experiments or bits of projects that never came to fruition. Some of them are just too small to have their own entry!